Best Education Blockchain eBooks of All Time

We provide you with the best trading strategies books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, and ratings.

#1 Epic Adventure of the Crypto Family
Have you ever heard of cryptocurrencies or even bitcoins?
Have you ever wondered, "Why didn't I buy Bitcoin when it cost $10?"
Are you interested in giving your kids information about the world of cryptocurrencies and its new revolution?
Then this ebook is perfect for you and your kids!

"Epic Adventure of the Crypto Family" traces the history of most cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. The only difference is that it's done in a fun way so that kids can understand and get to know this world from an early age.
#2 The Bitcoin Family
We sold everything for our dream
The notorious Bitcoin fascinated Didier for many years and he invested all his money in the cryptocurrency at the right time and in its place. Today, Bitcoin allows them to travel as a family. There is nothing "normal" about them. But everything is fun for them.

#3 Chain Reaction
How Blockchain Will Transform the Developing World
Amidst the constant stream of overly technical and exciting books that herald a blockchain revolution destined to be more disruptive than the Internet, this book stands out for its more subtle perspective and focuses on the potential of these new technologies, the developing world for change for the better. The chain reaction splits the world in two: for some, the blockchain appears to be an unsatisfactory substitute for an efficient banking and regulatory system in which transactions are processed instantly and contracts are backed by solid institutions. For others, it will be a real life change – namely, those who live in countries where the rule of law is weak, property is vague and, consequently, institutional trust is low.
#4 The Real Business of Blockchain
How Leaders Can Create Value in a New Digital Age
Blockchain is changing business. What's your strategy? Forward-thinking organizations like the Australian Stock Exchange, Equinor, the City of Austin, and dozens of others are exploring how blockchain can transform the way they create and track value. Whether it is about optimizing multi-part processes, creating and trading new assets or using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the blockchain opens up completely new business opportunities.

#5 The Blockchain Economy
The Complete Handbook to Building Wealth in the Next Digital Revolution  
This book is not a technical introduction to blockchain technology; There is a lot of open access material about this. Instead, this book argues that blockchains will have at least as much economic impact in the 21st century as companies will have in the 20th century.

The economics of blockchain offer different perspectives on the dramatic potential of blockchain technology to disrupt almost any business or political system today.

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